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"I do not know what it is that make a Bushman a Bushman. But I know that the Bushmen are always under others. And that it is the Hereros and the Boers that keep us down. It is them who say that we are Bushmen. That we are just things from the bush." 


Jacobus Carstens- Skoonheid Resettlement Camp 1995

About Things From the Bush

With a head full of Laurens van der Post and half an anthropology degree from St Andrews University under his belt, James Suzman hitched a ride into Botswana’s eastern Kalahari in June 1991. He has been working with the Bushmen ever since.


He remains involved in a number of Kalahari initiatives in support mainly of community organisations and NGOs .  




These photographs span twenty years of work among and friendship with the San/Bushman peoples of the Kalahari Basin. The portraits here celebrate the beauty that lies beneath the veneer of social collapse and poverty among  Ju/'hoansi of Namibia's Omaheke  Region and the Hai//om of Etosha National Park in Namibia. 


About James Suzman

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